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Getting Started
If you would like to embark upon or continue progressing your personal development then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which training company to choose. I had that same issue when I was getting started.  Solve that problem by talking to a person rather than a company. Feel free to contact me at any time. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

I teach many different courses, I coach and I use different disciplines to help others, and myself to achieve goals and ambitions.

If you don’t take the opportunity, if you hold back or if you let fear win …you won’t achieve and you won’t live with passion and purpose.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who wants to perform as well as you can, achieve, reach goals and realise ambitions, then it’s best to set that intention NOW. Take action and get the life you want!

My Own Training, Development and Certification
If you want to develop, here’s how I can support people like you …

I was trained and mentored as a trainer by the NLP developers themselves, Prof. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Claire and by Master NLP Trainer Michael Carroll.

Prior to becoming an NLP trainer, I became a certified as a master practitioner (SNLP) under the tutelage of another co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming …Dr. Richard Bandler.

My hypnosis training started at Brain Train Academy, I learned from John Dewar and of course Dr. Richard Bandler who is a master of the hypnotic arts. I also studied ‘eye movement therapy’ with John Dewar and EMO Trance with Brain Train Academy.

I trained with Nikki Mackay, learning family constellations, employing the many aspects of ancestral patterning to help people clear ancestral entanglements.

After leaving my role as a successful business analyst, I assisted other trainers on many courses to gain valuable experience. I worked as an alternative therapist and began running personal transformation workshops.

I now offer internationally recognised NLP practitioner certifications, hypnosis training, family constellation work and transformation coaching.

I like a bit of Yoga as well. As we’ll as asana work, I’m particularly interested in nidra, pranayama, swara and various meditation techniques.

I’m also interested in brainwave entrainment and lucid dreaming. Gotta have some weird in your life.

How I Teach
I teach in an experiential way.

It’s all good and well going to a lecture and have someone talking at you but if you really want to learn, you won’t just talk …you’ll do!

Especially if you want to work with others or become a practitioner, it’s best that you can easily learn and use the techniques from each discipline you learn. The more practice you have the better you will become.

I allow students to practice and understand each technique. You’ll have a description of any tool you learn. I do a demo so you can see the exercise working. You will then have the opportunity to practice the exercises with other students. I’ll conduct a debrief of what you have learned and answer any remaining questions.

All training manuals are yours to keep, as are any online materials used in pre or post course work. You will have access to a full set of materials that relate to any course you take.

My Specialty
Some trainers only teach a generic strain of each discipline. Sometimes it’s difficult to put personal development courses into context or apply the learnings to real life.

I allow students, where they feel comfortable, to use the courses in order to progress their own personal development. Applying each tool to a real world scenario is the best way to embed the learnings.

My passion is in personal transformation. Learning how we learn, how we can re-learn and remove life obstacles whilst achieving our goals is my main focus when working with people.

Depending on the course …if you have a phobia cure it. Anxiety? remove it. Mental blocks from past issues, get over them. Need direction, get some. Want to increase your performance in business, career, education, hobbies or any other area of life, then start work playing now.

For some personal development may be a life long pursuit but it doesn’t have to be difficult! Working in a methodical, simple and effective way, people can overcome barriers and achieve so much more than they ever could have imagined.

Post Course Support
Do the course then bye, bye is all too often the way of things when attending seminars. I don’t agree with that approach. For those who want to get some feedback, ask a question or need to clarify any syllabus work …I’m an email away.

For anyone who would like personal coaching post course …I am available for Skype coaching and depending on where I am teaching, face to face.

John Hannah Trainer and Coach
John Hannah Coach - Classic Code Certifying Institute
John Hannah Coach - New Code Certifying Institute